Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Should You Get a Conservatory or a Garden Room?

The easy answer to the question “Should you get a conservatory or a garden room?” is: Yes! Either home addition will allow the household to enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of indoors. The added living space can raise the quality of life at home. If the new addition is constructed properly, functionally and attractively, the market value of the home will rise as well.

Conservatories and garden rooms owe their origin to 16th aristocrats who developed a penchant for citrus. The first orangeries were simple rooms with south-facing windows, designed to make the most of available sunlight (a scarce resource in their place of invention – Britain) while protecting plants from inclement weather. The invention of sloping glass in the 18th century heralded the advent of the golden age of conservatories that reached its zenith in Victorian Era.

It wasn’t until the introduction of insulated glass in the 1950s that sun rooms and garden rooms began to come into vogue. With insulation, it becomes possible to build a room that created a comfortable environment for people whilst still allowing plants to thrive. Today’s garden rooms are much like conservatories, except that they typically have a solid roof.

Although people often use conservatories as extra living space, from an estate agent or prospective home-buyer's perspective, garden rooms add the most value. Solid walls, a tiled or slate roof and amenities like central heating are more likely to increase the value of a home than a room encased in glass and PVC, wood or metal.

Conversely, if the home-owner wants a room that offers full views of the garden, that allows night-time star gazing and that bathes the home’s interior with sunlight, conservatories may be the optimum choice. Conservatories are also slightly less expensive to install and require less time to build.

In the end, it comes down to defining what the home-owner wants most from the new addition. For a room that will be used the year-round as additional living space for the family, a garden room may be the better option. Whatever the decision, by providing extra living space, the new addition is sure to improve life at home. Consider carefully exactly how you'll use the room before you go ahead and buy one though – a few moments before taking the leap could bring you years of enjoyment!

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Deciding When to Repair or Replace Items in the Kitchen

Let’s face it, if you are a homeowner you are probably aware of the fact that things break down and need to be repaired or replaced. One place in the home where you will see this problem occur the most is the kitchen. For starters, you have a lot of different things going on in the kitchen that will require your attention more so than any other room in the home. The kitchen is where you have a lot of your basic home appliances like the range, oven, dishwasher, and refrigerator as well as small kitchen appliances like toaster ovens, microwaves, and other related items. The thing about appliances that you must understand is that some of them are worth repairing while others or not. To get a better understanding of what should be repaired or replaced, take into consideration what it is that needs repairing.

If you have an old dishwasher, (over eight years of age or older) and for some reason it has stopped working , then it would be a good idea not to bother with a repairman and just go out and buy a new dishwasher. On the other hand if you have a fairly new refrigerator (less than five years old) and for some reason it stops getting cold then it might be safe to assume that it may only cost you a few bucks to have it working like new again. You need to remember when dealing with appliances it is always a good idea to repair if the unit is five years old or newer, and if it is over five years of age depending on how much it would cost to go out and buy a new one.

Besides having appliances that you will need to decide on repairing or renovating in your kitchen area you will also have other things that will need to be repaired or replaced over time. Flooring is always something that will need to be replaced over time. If however you have some rips or tears in your vinyl flooring then you may want to see if you can replace it with just a small, same piece of vinyl flooring. If you have some old sash windows in your kitchen area it would be a good idea to see if they can be renovated instead of replaced, as a full window replacement in your kitchen area could be a very expensive project. Keeping everything in your kitchen looking and working its best is not easy. But understanding when to replace or repair your appliances and other items in the kitchen can save you some money and time over your lifetime. These decisions will not always be easy and there is no science to the process. Sometimes you just have to trust your instinct to decide on whether or not to repair or replace the items in your kitchen.

Bio: writes about many different topics including sash windows. She also blogs on her blog, Mystery Shopping Teacher.

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Friday, 27 April 2012

Wall Elements That Suit Your Space

Wall elements say a lot about your chic space. Whether your space has many decor pieces or a few statement pieces, wall decor pieces need to blend in with the room in order to complement the interior. What kind of decor pieces do you like? Figure out what elements will suit your room and which ones to decide on for your lovely interior and you’ll have a great space that shines.

European Wall Decor:
If you’d like your space to remind you of your travels to Europe or future trips to come, invest in European decor pieces that will take you to Europe within your space. An Eiffel tower wall grille and a romantic painting with romantic characters in Venice will fit in perfectly with the theme. You also might want to consider ornate wall decorations and romantic fabrics that will bring you back to Europe every single time.

wall elements

Modern with Minimalism Style:
If having minimal decor pieces is your cup of tea, try finding a few decor pieces that will stand out in a room. Whether the statement piece is a giant clock or a geometric mirror, allow the decor piece to take over the wall. As opposed to having several decor elements you will have a few pieces that will work perfectly in the room. Remember to keep the furniture minimal and the rest of the room simple and clean too and you’ll attain minimalism at its finest.

Rustic Earthy Decor:
Let nature come to you in a room that’s soothing and relaxing. For an eco-chic room filled with earthy elements and simplistic decorations, find fibers and fabrics that will add serenity within your interior. Consider a wall fountain or Feng Shui decorating to really make the room look warm and earthy.

Glitz and Glamour:
A room that echoes the styles of Hollywood past will be a lot like Hollywood regency styling, if not exactly like it. From gorgeous chandeliers to glistening twinkle lights, make your room glam and dramatic – also incorporating deep colors will make the room look like none other.

Making a room exactly how you want it means deciding on a theme before picking out your decorating elements.Or, if you find a statement piece that really speaks to you, surround a theme around that. Whatever you decide on, develop a room that’s you and that will be a room of solace that you will enjoy coming home to.

Sierra is a freelance writer who adores fashion and interior design. She loves incorporating earthy decor and especially loves wall fountains to create a serene environment.

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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Adding That Wow Factor To Your Outdoor Area

From tables and chairs to lounges and even fire pits, there are many ways to stamp your individuality on a patio area. The choice is virtually endless when it comes to making the most of the great outdoors and you are only limited by your imagination and the space available. Gone are the days of bland patios consisting of an old barbecue and decaying timber table and chairs. Here are some ideas to help make your outdoor entertaining area the envy of friends and neighbors.

Outdoor Blinds:
These practical and versatile additions can turn a patio that was once exposed to the elements into an outdoor room. Offering UV and wind protection, patio blinds give you the ability to entertain year-round. Not only do they look good and can be custom-made to fit your individual needs, they can even add value to your home.

Tables and Chairs:
There is no need for mediocrity any more when it comes to place to sit. Table settings come in all shapes, sizes and materials, meaning there is a setting to suit everyone’s situation. Settings made of aluminium and tempered glass are the most popular, as they handle exposure to the elements well. Just remember to get a suitably sized table for your area – you still want room to move.

Outdoor Furniture:
You don’t have to be stuck sitting at a table while outdoors. There is a huge range of lounges, sofas and more formal seating that could look great outdoors. Choose furniture that is comfortable but not overbearing and ensure it can weather the elements.

Gone are the days of the 44-gallon drum with a battered cooking plate and wood for fuel. Today’s barbecues can turn a cook into a chef thanks to the range of options and features available. Whether it is a simple flat-top plate for cooking sausages and steaks or an outdoor kitchen where you can roast, grill, fry and even wash up, your options are endless.

Bars and Stools:
You can create your own beer garden atmosphere by adding some great accessories to your outdoor area. High tables and stools are the perfect place to share a cool ale and converse with friends. Imagine sitting at one of these settings overlooking the features of your yard – or even the swimming pool.

Even on chilly nights and winter’s days, your outdoor entertaining area can be made comfortable with the use of specialized heating. Portable patio heaters that run on LPG – the same gas that fuels your barbecue – are very popular. For an extra style statement, fire pits and chimaneas are cosy to gather around when the weather is cool. If you have pool heating, too, you can go for a swim regardless of the temperature outside. Your winter party will be complete!

Pot plants are a great way to add appeal to your patio. Make sure you pick plants that enjoy sun and part shade and put them in areas where they won’t get in the way. Water them well and put them in bigger pots to encourage them to grow. Just don’t put the pots straight onto the paving bricks because they will stain – use something to catch the water that drains out, such as a pot plant stand.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Creating a Colour Scheme for Your Home

Blinds do more than keep out the sun and give you more privacy. They add to the overall style of your home too. So when you are looking to update your home’s colour scheme, make sure you factor in your window coverings, whether they are roller blinds, roman blinds or even curtains. The blinds can either be used to blend in, compliment or even stand out in a room, just like anything else with colour. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right colour scheme for your home.

Colours Create Moods:
The dominant colour in your room is going to set a scene and create a mood. It’s known as the ‘psychology of colour’ and it affects our subconscious. So here is a list of the most common colours, the moods they create and in which room they are best suited:
•Red: This bold colour is known for “raising the blood pressure” as it invokes excitement and increases energy levels. It is best suited to lounges and dining rooms but not bedrooms.
•Yellow: It is generally not a good colour to paint an entire room as it can cause feelings of frustration and anger – it is even said that a yellow room makes a baby cry more! But used in the right way it is a cheery hue that is ideally suited to the kitchen, dining room or small spaces.
•Blue: This colour is considered to be calming and relaxing, making it best for bed-rooms and bathrooms. Different shades of blue can also have an effect on moods –it can evoke feelings of sadness, while light blue has a more calming effect.
•Green: It is regarded as the best colour for any room in the house as it is the most restful. It has a warm and relaxing feel to it, while cooling things down at the same time. Some say it can even help with fertility, making it ideal for the bedroom!
•Orange: This energetic colour invokes excitement and enthusiasm. It’s not a great choice for bedrooms or living rooms.
•Neutrals: Blacks, whites, browns and greys are the basic building blocks of most decor. When you want something functional without being bold, go for neutrals.

Using Different Shades of One Colour:
It’s important not to get stuck on your one favourite colour. Too much of it will be overbearing. Consider toning down the colour to add contrast in different parts of the room. You may have a bright blue wall but darker cushions will add depth. There may even fixtures in a room that can add that extra “oomph” you were looking for. For example, the room may have blue window frames and security doors in a shade that compliments your planned colour scheme.

Consider the whole house as a canvas:
It is important to think of the flow of your colour scheme throughout the entire home, rather than the colours that just works well in one room. This means using the walls, the carpets, blinds, fixtures, ceiling and furniture together. Get colour samples where possible and put them alongside each other to see what works best. If your home is open plan, stand in one room and look through to the others to see how the colours in different rooms will blend. In the end, paint is relatively inexpensive so if it doesn’t work or the colour goes out of fashion, you can easily replace it with the latest colour craze.

The colour of your decor really can have a big impact on the feeling each room in your home evokes. Take care to choose your colours wisely so that your home is a tranquil, relaxing place to be for you, your family and for your guests.

Monday, 5 March 2012

5 Tips To Improving the Look of Your Windows

There are quite a few things you can do to improve the look of your windows. Whether you decide to install curtains or roller blinds, or even improve the security by using security screens, you can make your windows not only look better but also help keep your home cooler during summer, help trap the warm air during winter and guard your home against intruders.


There are a few different types of blinds that you can choose to have on your windows. Roller blinds are a cheaper option and you can even install them yourself. They come in a wide variety of different colors and patterns, or you can choose to have them custom made, which naturally will be more expensive. Roman blinds also make great window coverings. These are made from fabric and when you open them they fold up at the top of your window. They drop down instead of roll and suit a more casual decor. Among your options are Venetian blinds, which can be made from a variety of materials, including timber. Blinds are great when you don't have much space as they don't take up any room around your windows like curtains do.

Curtains look great in a more formal setting but you can also use them in a less formal room by choosing appropriate fabric. Curtains can be quite expensive, although you can cut costs by buying those made from cheaper fabric without backing. You will find, however, that you will keep your home a lot cooler in summer without having to rely on your air conditioner if you have curtains with the proper backing. You will also notice the difference in winter as the temperature inside your home stays warmer for longer without having to turn your heater up too high. By buying properly backed curtains you may spend more money in the short term but you will save on energy bills in the long run.

Retractable Awnings:
Improve the look of the outside of your windows by having retractable awnings. Retractable awnings are great in providing shelter outside your windows. They will keep your windows shaded from the sun in summer, therefore helping keep the inside of your house cooler. You also have an instant sheltered area to sit outside, whether you use it for entertaining or just relaxing in the shade during summer. The bonus is that you can fold it away on cooler days so the sun can come in through your windows and warm your house. With retractable awnings you can quickly change the look of your house.

Security Screens:
Having security screens installed on your windows will not only help keep your home safe from intruders but it will also mean that you can open your windows during summer to let the cool breeze through but keep out the insects. You can buy security screens that are tough enough that intruders cannot break in but they don't impede your view of the outside.

Keep Them Clean:
One simple way of improving the look of your windows is to clean them regularly, both inside and out. Buy proper glass cleaner and use either newspaper or a paper towel that doesn't fall apart to wipe them clean.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Home Improvements To Add Value To Your Home: Risk-Free Ways To Sell Your Home

You might be aware of the different ways one can increase the value of a house, but perhaps not of some smaller changes you can carry out to improve your sale price. It’s often cheaper improvements that offer the highest returns, rather than the expensive loft conversions or extensions that can be so tempting.

It’s not always a good idea to invest all your money into your home, as it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get more money back when you do sell. Some DIY(Do It Yourself) projects will add more value than you think, so it’s worth thinking about some of the ideas we have here when you’re looking to do a little home improvement.

Home Improvements
Face Value:

Painting the front door and cleaning up the front of your house can do wonders for the overall look of your home. Remember, the first thing a potential buyer sees is the front door, and their first impressions on the house will be made when they arrive.

Once you’ve freshened up the front, have a look at your hallway and stairs. Shoes piled up in the porch or awkward furniture in the hallway can take up valuable space and make the entrance to the home look dark and dingy. Brighten it up by organizing coats and shoes into a cupboard, hanging some mirrors strategically to create space and painting the hallway with a bright color to create light. Again, first impressions count for a lot and you need to make sure it’s a good one.

Creating Outdoor Space:

Most outdoor log cabins or sheds don’t need planning permission, and the size is dictated by your garden space and budget! Ideally, your log cabin should have a clear space of about 1/2ft all around, to make installation and maintenance easier. If the budget allows, paving slabs or concrete is ideal for laying the structure on, and the walls and roof can be insulated to trap heat in during winter, and if you need electricity, it’s best to call in an electrician, unless you are one yourself!

Once you’ve covered the basics, you can furnish the inside however you like to create the perfect office space, although there are plenty more uses for a log cabin. Imagine what would add the most value for your target market, and use your imagination. You could have a personal gym, a mini sports bar, a home office or even just a little hideaway to chill out in after work!

It’s an easy way to add extra space to your house without forking out for an extension or conversion.

Scrub Up Well:

Your bathroom needs to appeal to a wide section of the market, so make sure it’s clean looking, with updated decor and modern fittings. A classic white suite with neutral decor will be more attractive to house-hunters as it looks clean, open and gives them a blank slate to decorate.

If you’re selling a family home, extra bathrooms are a big attraction for potential buyers. Many will be tempted by the idea of never having to wait in line for the shower, or having a separate bathroom from the messy teenagers in the house, so you can be sure that this will be a sound investment.

If you have the space, adding an en-suite bathroom to the master bedroom would make a great selling point, and add value to the house. If your bathroom and toilet are in separate rooms, it might make sense to knock a wall through to create one large bathroom, with the option to rearrange the layout to look more inviting. You could also use clever tricks like tiling up to the ceiling or hanging large mirrors to create the feeling of space and light.

Risky Additions:

Converting a cellar or attic can be a great way to add value, but these can be very expensive depending on the state they’re in. If your attic is already boarded out and insulated, with a floor laid down, you might simply need to do a little cleaning and moving to create a new bedroom. If you have to spend a lot of money on a conversion, it’s probably best avoided as you could struggle to make your money back when it comes to selling.

It’s easy to get carried away with simply knocking through walls or building extensions, but sometimes a different color scheme or rearranging furniture can create more space without the cash. Try moving furniture into different rooms, swap the living room with the dining room or swap the double bed for a single, to make the room look larger. Get a friend to come round and tell you how they arrange the house if they lived there – a fresh pair of eyes can give a different perspective and they might have some great ideas for your home!

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Friday, 10 February 2012

The New Generation of Commercial Flooring

If you’ve got good commercial cleaning services, they’ll be the first people to tell you when your flooring is having problems. The usual problem is the condition of the flooring surface. This can be a big issue, because the floor is after all the largest occupied space on the premises. New commercial flawing is everything its predecessors could rarely be-durable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective over its product life.

The trouble with the old flooring is that it simply wasn’t designed the way the new generation of flooring has been. Science has moved on, and better materials and manufacturing techniques are essentially driving a shift to new flooring types. Old flooring, even with the benefits of modern cleaning technology which can practically bring old carpets back from the dead, is well and truly on the way out.

The New Generation Of Flooring-Carpet Tiles :
The most dramatically different form of the new flooring is a new range of carpet tiles. These tiles don’t require underlay. They have their own built in backing, which makes them much easier and cheaper to install than traditional broad looms. This is actually a totally new form of carpet design, and the new manufacturing techniques allow these carpet tiles to be customized on digital software, allowing a huge range of decor and interior design possibilities.

The idea is simple enough:

  • Digital pattern design allows mix and match with decor.

  • Multiple designs can be used.

  • Digital patterns are easier to make than traditional stitch patterns for custom designs.

  • This is literally made to order carpeting, on any scale, which is extremely cost effective both for manufacturers and their clients. Being able to see a layout on a computer screen for a particular design is also a major plus for decision makers, making it easy to say yes or no to a design.

    Arguably more impressive is the level of cost-efficiency built in to the design of the carpet tiles. The tiles can be easily installed, repaired and replaced. Work doesn’t have to come to a standstill to allow carpets to be lifted. New tiles can be installed in minutes.

    The new carpet tiles are also tough. They’re now considered best practice at places like airports and other public space areas where massive amounts of foot traffic usually destroys old style carpets. They’re long life products and can take the strain off the budget simply because they don’t need to be replaced as often as traditional commercial carpets.

    Structurally, the carpet tiles are physically much better designs. Because they’re not stitched, but glued together, they’re basically seamless. This single design feature removes the problems created by stress on seams, which is one of the main causes of major deterioration of carpets.

    Checking Out The New Carpet Design Options:
    It’s easy to explore your options for new commercial flooring online. As you investigate the new carpet tiles, you’ll soon see how easy it is to create your own designs and to get specifications and costs. This is office decor, the cost-efficient way.

    Sunday, 5 February 2012

    Transform Your Room with a New Window Treatment

    Are you bored with the look of your living room? Do you wish that you could get a new look, but don't have the time, or the money, to fully remodel the room? You can achieve a lot if you simply de-clutter the room, and invest in a new window treatment.

    The Wonder of Light:
    The type and amount of light that you let into the room can make a big difference to how it looks. If you have a fairly small room, then you could be making it feel even smaller than it actually is if you have large, heavy curtains that cover a bigger area than the window itself. You could also be losing out on wall space that could be used for storage or decoration.

    For smaller rooms, or large rooms that catch a lot of sunlight, consider investing in some roman blinds made to measure. This will allow you to take full advantage of the incoming light, and maximise the amount of space in your home too.

    When you get roman blinds made to measure, you will have the opportunity to choose the colour and pattern too.Smaller rooms may benefit from a simple, bold colour rather than a busy pattern. Save patterned roller blinds for rooms that are fairly spacious.

    In some rooms, such as the bedroom, you may want to opt for patterned roller blinds accented with tie-back curtains. When you want maximum light reduction, you can draw both the blinds and the curtains.

    Multiple Materials:
    The main mantra for interior design at the moment is elegance and simplicity, but there's nothing wrong with breaking the mould if you have some interesting ideas for your living room. You could use ornate window treatments to complement the existing design of your room. For example, you could add a valance that uses the same material as your cushions or sofa, and get roman blinds made to measure with a cloth that matches (or cleverly contrasts) your carpet.

    Some clever interior designers use three layers - valance, blinds, and tie-back curtains, to add depth to the dressing, and make the room look bigger than it is.

    This kind of design is difficult to pull off, but when it is done correctly, it can produce a luscious and luxurious room.

    Directing Attention:
    With any interior design plan, the goal should be to drive attention to a given part of the room. The focal point could be your television, the fish tank, the fire place, or a particular work of art on your wall. If you have a spectacular view out of your living room window, the focal point could be the window itself.

    What you probably don't want, however, is for your patterned roller blinds to be so gaudy that they become the key feature of the room themselves. That might count as a way to completely change the look of your living room, but it wouldn't be a new look that you would enjoy for long! Subtlety is the key to a successful new look.

    Monday, 30 January 2012

    Hassle-Free Home Improvements

    The economy may be in a gradual recovery, but that doesn't mean that consumer confidence (or the average income) is back to "boom" levels yet. This means that more and more people are turning to home improvements instead of climbing up the housing ladder.

    If the thought of home improvements brings you out in a cold sweat, and brings up images of paperwork, planning permission, and bank loans, then take a deep breath, and have a look at this list of hassle free home improvements. The following are improvements that you can make without needing to sink too much time, money, or stress into the job.

    Re-Paint The House:
    If your home is starting to look a bit drab on the outside, then why not give it a fresh coat of paint? Pulling up to a neat, clean looking exterior is much nicer than arriving home to a cracked, peeling one. In the long term, if you come to sell your home, having a nice exterior could lead to a quicker sale too.

    Replace Your Doors:
    Once you've re-painted, why not get some external oak doors? A nice, heavy oak door will reduce noise pollution, and make your home look more inviting too. The beauty of an oak door is that if you decide you want to change the colour later, you can re-paint it, while with many synthetic doors you're stuck with the original colour.

    Loft Insulation:
    If you don't already have insulation, then make a point of getting some this summer. You'll save a fortune on your winter heating bills. Loft insulation is pretty easy to install, and doesn't cost a lot of money. It's one of the best home improvement investments you can make.

    Build A Shed:
    Most small, free-standing sheds don't need planning permission - although you may want to check if you're thinking of making a big one. If you don't clutter it up too much with garden tools then a well-made shed can act as a sitting out room or outdoor office in the summer.

    Patio Doors:
    External oak doors are great for the front of the house, but if you have a nice garden at the rear then why not get patio doors for that side of the house? You can get UPVC patio doors quite cheaply, and they do the job pretty well. Wooden ones look a little more stylish (and are also more environmentally friendly), but carry a bigger price tag.

    The above are just a few home improvements that don't typically require planning permission. It's important to remember that the law differs from area to area, and if you live in a listed building, or in a conservation area, then you might have different restrictions on what you can do with your property. You may also want to avoid certain home improvements if you live in a period home, even if the home isn't protected by specific laws. It's always wise to double check local laws before you start any home improvement work.

    Friday, 27 January 2012

    Best Place To Shop Patio Umbrella

    Are you going to decorate your home and patio? Don’t stick with old home models as well as old home furniture. We are here to guide you, how to decorate your garden, home interiors, furniture as well as patio deck.
    Now let us see how to customize our patio umbrella for our patio deck. Such kind of commercial umbrellas are one of the inevitable for outdoor fun. You can see customized umbrellas in many resorts, hotels, sports stadium and in some of the places; especially they are designed to protect us from sun.
    With the advent of new technology, commercial umbrellas are comes in various kinds such as tilt aluminum, solar lights, patio table umbrella, canvas patio umbrella, wood patio umbrellas, market umbrella, aluminum patio umbrella, wall mount umbrella and some more.
    It is essential to protect our skin from sun in hot summer to avoid some unwanted skin problems when we are in outdoor camping. Over exposure to the sun may cause some heavy skin problems. Patio umbrellas are really useful in such situations to protect us from UV rays as well as heat. Be cleaver while choosing the best shop to purchase outdoor commercial umbrellas.

    Patio Umbrella

    Keep your mind the umbrella should be fabric, why because only the fabric material has the capability of being more resistant and high quality.
    It is very exciting one to customize commercial umbrella for our patio deck. A perfect umbrella gives some fashionable look to our garden. The cool-off patio umbrellas enhances addition beauty to our garden because all the materials from are made from superlative quality materials using stainless steel grade.
    Cool off umbrellas are available various shapes, models, sizes and colors. At times all our products are to be customized and designed according to the customers need, taste and preferences.
    Cool off offers many other products also like misting fans, high pressure misting system, fogging systems and outdoor cabana as well.

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    Monday, 23 January 2012

    The Commercial Interior Design Dilemma-Cost vs.Customization

    Anyone involved in commercial interior design will be all too well aware of this problem- Trying to get the best design at the best price. It’s not easy, and budgets can find themselves with some very tough decisions, particularly in the area of flooring. For businesses like hotels, restaurants and corporate offices, just making decisions about carpeting can mean a lot of juggling work on the spreadsheets.

    Interior Design

    The issues,defined
    The big picture issue with commercial interior design is the need for very high quality. This is a particularly fussy market, with good reason. Building tenants, managers and owners want the absolute best for their dollars, and are unlikely to settle for anything less. The sort of money involved in a major interior design project means by definition that expectations are likely to be uncompromising.

    A typical commercial interior design job may require:
    • Multiple color schemes
    • Multiple decor issues
    • Customized themes (corporate/organizational/related motifs)
    • Public areas with large amounts of traffic on floors
    • Individual office designs
    • Executive suites
    • Senior management suites
    • Interview rooms
    • Conference rooms
    • Media rooms
    Flooring is a very big issue, because the floor space is the largest space in each area. There’s nothing simple about these problems, because each separate design has to be included in the overall project, costed, and approved.
    There’s another issue-Carpet is by far the preferred option for commercial interiors, particularly in workspaces and offices. The need, therefore, is for a one-stop carpeting source able to meet all these multiple needs and fit a budget.
    Finding solutions
    The big issues are cost relative to quality and meeting design specifications. Interior designers are fussy people themselves, and they demand top value. The solution to the long list of issues above, surprisingly, is quite simple, and it’s based on technology and best practice manufacturing and production methods.

    If you’ve seen the various types of commercial interiors around today, you’ll have noticed that there are basically two “species” of carpeting- The old broadloom industrial carpets and a new, thick, tough-looking sort of carpeting which is quite different, and often includes many different designs and colours.

    The new carpets are the answers to the prayers of commercial interior designers:

    • They’re fully customizable, using new visualization software that allows designers to individually select multiple colour schemes, designs and patterns.
    • The visualization software “documents” design options for the interior designers. Designers can then present each of their various designs to their clients, step by step, design by design, for big projects.
    • They’re actually carpet tiles. Carpet tiles solve a lot of problems for interior designers, by being much easier to install than the old carpets.
    • The carpet tiles are therefore cheaper and quicker to maintain and replace, too. This means the designs have built-in cost benefits for clients.
    • The new carpets are very strong, and the tiles are glued, not woven, together, meaning they’re not subject to the sort of wear and tear of the old style carpet tiles.
    There’s another benefit for clients of commercial interior designers that’s impossible to argue with- Making decisions about interior designs is a lot less costly and time consuming, too. That makes the new carpets valuable to clients before they’re even installed.

    The future of the interior design profession is looking pretty good. So are the carpets. If you’re a designer, check out what you can do with the new ideas.

    Useful Resources : Granit Kitchen worktops , Home Loan Quote   

    Wednesday, 18 January 2012

    Digital Carpet Design- A New Level of Quality

    If you’re a professional interior designer, you’ll be all too well aware of the huge spectrum of demand for carpet design and quality. "The customer is always right" can be an irritating statement if the customer’s not too sure what they want or what you mean by your design options. Whether you’re doing an office carpet design, restaurant interior design, you need to be able to express your design ideas clearly.

    Carpet Design
    That's where digital carpet design comes in, and there’s already a lot of good things on the market to help you with your design needs. Top of the line industrial technology is changing the game, and this technology is coming onstream at the right time for the big new move to smart buildings and much better CAD design methods. This technology is a dream for designers who want to present their clients with top designs at a click on a screen.

    The New Visualization Options:
    Best practice in commercial carpets uses "visualization" technology. This software matches carpet designs to specific settings. It’s fast, efficient and can work with literally hundreds of different carpet designs. This is a vast improvement on the old “look at this carpet sample and take a wild guess what a whole office full of it would look like” approach.

    This approach can also be extended to full decor designs. Good design software can easily match the best lifestyle magazine standards. Incorporating design elements into a structured breakdown of each element, combined with a capability to integrate the elements into full design specifications is the best practice approach.

    The "Digital Carpets" Effect:
    For carpeting, the digital approach is a game-changer. Customization to meet any kind of design requirements is quite possible, and the much more efficient manufacturing technology now in use makes production a lot easier. It’s also cheaper. Interestingly, the new carpet making technology is based on sustainable principles that have reduced real cost to manufacturers, meaning the cost of custom carpets has also been reduced. What used to be an extremely expensive process is now just a matter of creating digital designs.

    The Design Options for Carpets:
    Given that most digital designs can be easily translated into standard vector and grid formulas, the potential for top quality digital carpet designs is practically unlimited. In theory, you could do a carpet version of the Sistine Chapel artwork with no particularly difficult issues in terms of software. Carpets may not be everyone’s instant idea of a great creative medium, but they can be with the right technology creating them.

    The other big issue confronting carpet design is quality. This major issue has been largely solved thanks to a new type of carpet tile which is both digitally customizable and a much better type of flooring, far superior to traditional carpets. The new tiles have their own backing, not underlay. They’re tough, extremely durable, and easy to replace or repair if required. They’re the new best practice approach to commercial flooring, and they’re rapidly taking over the market from the old style carpets.

    If you’re looking for design options for carpets, check out the new generation of carpet technology. You’ll be very glad you did.

    Thursday, 12 January 2012

    How To Decorate Your Small Bathroom To Make It Appear Larger

    If you have a smaller bathroom then you may find yourself struggling to decorate it so that it appears more spacious than it really is. There are a number of things you can do to make the room appear larger, but the key things to remember are to de-clutter and to add light.

    De Clutter:
    As much as is possible, stash away, move or hide things that add clutter to the room. If there is space available add in built storage to stash away towels and bottles. Adding vanity units under your basin will allow you to put in the bits and pieces you use while keeping them from being an eyesore. A medicine cabinet or cabinet with a basin is another way to add storage without encroaching too much on the room. A horizontally orientated heated towel rail will allow you to air and heat many towels without using too much of your precious space.Link

    Consistent Furniture:
    By using furniture that is all the same color and design and sits at the same level to create a line, you will find that your eye skates over these surfaces and doesn’t have a distraction which would break up the flow and make the room appear smaller. Fitted furniture is ideal for this, and if you choose the more minimalist pieces there aren’t the details that otherwise draw the eye and make the space appear more crowded. Light colored furniture, especially gloss white, will make the room appear brighter and more spacious.

    Bathroom Suite:
    Making sure that your bathroom suite is bright, minimally styled and complements the other pieces is another way to make sure that the eye is not drawn to any particular piece and also to create the illusion of light and space. Typically, people go for more modern pieces in a smaller space as they have the lines that help the room appear bigger.

    Make sure that the floor is all the same and has a consistent look and pattern. Either large or small tiles are great for making a room appear bigger, but medium tiles tend to make it look more cramped. If you have different colors and styles it breaks up the geometry of the floor and makes the eye notice small shapes, which is something you are trying to avoid.

    Painting your walls in bright colors can help make the space seem larger, as can narrow vertical elements (patterns or lines) or broad horizontal elements (lines or patterns). Again, the key is to make everything consistent so that the space appears to be larger than it is.

    Natural and diffuse light is the key here, with as much soft light as possible. Harsh light tends to cause dark shadows, which can draw attention to edges and make rooms smaller. Reflecting as much natural light within the room as possible is ideal, but there needs to be enough additional light to ensure that the room does not appear gloomy. If necessary, look at adding extra light fittings to illuminate darker areas within the room.

    Adding a mirror reflects the room back on itself, as well as all the light that is available. This makes the room appear larger and brighter. Try to ensure that the mirror is placed in a usable spot and doesn’t reflect any signs of clutter or divisions within the room, as these are things that you are trying to mask rather than draw attention to.

    Following these guidelines, and incorporating the suggestions where possible, will make sure that your room appears larger and more inviting.

    Monday, 9 January 2012

    10 Tips to Create the Perfect Country Home

    If you have just bought a new house in the country you might be looking at ways to turn your rural property into the perfect country retreat. After the removalists have gone you now have the pleasure of arranging your home to suit your needs, and more importantly, your taste. When moving home don't forget that you will need to update your home and contents insurance.

    Perfect Country Home
    Every country home needs a veranda. With a veranda you will be able to sit out and enjoy the view, while remaining protected from the weather. Having a veranda around your house is a good idea because not only does it help keep your home cooler, as it shades the outer walls from the sun, but it protects any paint work from the weather.

    Rain water:
    Make the most of all the catchment areas that you have, for example, have a water tank to catch the rain off the roof of your house, off any sheds and any other buildings around he property. You can have your tanks connected by underground pipes so you can pump water from one to the other, or where you happen to need water at any point of your property.

    Solar power:
    Harness some natural energy for your country home and install solar panels on the roof.You will cut down on your energy bills and help look after the environment.

    One of the main benefits of having a country home is that you can have a large back garden. If you are on a decent size acerage you can extend your garden to as large as you want it. Remember that gardens require constant maintenance so make sure you have the time and enjoy gardening.

    Create a grand entrance for your country home by having a set of attractive gates for the top of your driveway. It will help set your property apart.

    One of the best country homes is one with good fencing. This includes the fencing around your house and garden, as well as around the property. Make sure you have secure fences around your garden otherwise you will end up with livestock in your flower beds.

    The kitchen is so often the heart of the country home. It's where neighbours will sit to have a cup of tea when they visit and where the family will congregate at the end of the day. A big welcoming kitchen is fantastic. Avoid too much clutter and keep it light. Paint it in either an off-white or cream, and make sure there is enough natural light. You want to be able to enjoy the view of the country side while at work in the kitchen.

    Open fire place:
    There is nothing better on a cold winter's evening than snuggling up next to an open fire,or even a wood heater, in a country home. Most older homes will have an open fire,otherwise you can put in a wood heater.

    Open plan:
    If you are building a new home in the country look at having an open plan living area.Country homes are generally more informal and an open plan style home can be designed to make the most of the view of the surrounding country.

    There are shops that specialize in country style decor, as well as magazines to give you plenty of inspiration. Rustic furniture goes well, as does the French Provincial style.

    Tuesday, 3 January 2012

    How to Update the Look of Your Outdoor Area

    To update the look of your outdoor area you can install a veranda around your home, put in a vegetables garden or a pool and build the children a play area.

    Patio Play Area
    By improving the look of your outdoor area of your kit home it will not only increase the value of your property but it will give you a whole new space to enjoy with friends and family. You will have a fantastic space during the warmer months when it is good to be able to spend time outside. If you make your outdoor area somewhere that you want to spend time you will might find that you like gardening, enjoy relaxing in the shade or have friends over for a barbecue on the patio area.

    Patio Swimming Pool


    Putting a patio in your garden will not only improve the look of your house but can create a whole outdoor room. You can easily create an entertainment area by building a patio large enough to shelter your outdoor furniture and a barbecue area and you can even put in a whole outdoor kitchen. Having a patio will help keep your outdoor area cooler in summer and you will find that you will use your outdoor area much more.


    Putting in a pool will make a big difference to your outdoor area, and if you have children they will get a lot of use out of it during summer. There are many styles of swimming pools available so choose a pool that suits your style of home and think about how you can make it look even more unique by adding features like rocks, a waterfall or a spa. Depending on the size of your garden and your budget you might want to build a pool house where you can have an extra bathroom and shower and even a kitchen. It is important to remember that you will need to build a safety fence as it is required by law and is especially important if you have small children.

    Play Area

    Your kids will be forever grateful if you put in a special play area just for them. Don't just buy a swing set for them but be a little more creative. Mark out an area for a sandpit and fill it with clean soft sand. You can help keep the sand tidy by using sleepers as a border. You can also help keep it clean by having a proper cover for it so that the sand stays covered up when its not in use. Build or buy a cubby house, or find a great tree in your garden and build them a tree house. Get your kids to help you, they will be sure to have plenty of ideas about what they would like and can even help with the initial design.

    Vegetable Garden

    If you have a vegetable garden of your own it will not only give you great enjoyment as you watch things grow but will help save money off your weekly food shop. Children love helping in with vegetable gardens, especially if you give then their own plot to care for. Growing their own vegetables will also teach them where food comes from, and if you struggle to get them to eat their vegetables you might find it a lot easier if they have grown them themselves in their own garden.