Monday, 23 January 2012

The Commercial Interior Design Dilemma-Cost vs.Customization

Anyone involved in commercial interior design will be all too well aware of this problem- Trying to get the best design at the best price. It’s not easy, and budgets can find themselves with some very tough decisions, particularly in the area of flooring. For businesses like hotels, restaurants and corporate offices, just making decisions about carpeting can mean a lot of juggling work on the spreadsheets.

Interior Design

The issues,defined
The big picture issue with commercial interior design is the need for very high quality. This is a particularly fussy market, with good reason. Building tenants, managers and owners want the absolute best for their dollars, and are unlikely to settle for anything less. The sort of money involved in a major interior design project means by definition that expectations are likely to be uncompromising.

A typical commercial interior design job may require:
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Multiple decor issues
  • Customized themes (corporate/organizational/related motifs)
  • Public areas with large amounts of traffic on floors
  • Individual office designs
  • Executive suites
  • Senior management suites
  • Interview rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Media rooms
Flooring is a very big issue, because the floor space is the largest space in each area. There’s nothing simple about these problems, because each separate design has to be included in the overall project, costed, and approved.
There’s another issue-Carpet is by far the preferred option for commercial interiors, particularly in workspaces and offices. The need, therefore, is for a one-stop carpeting source able to meet all these multiple needs and fit a budget.
Finding solutions
The big issues are cost relative to quality and meeting design specifications. Interior designers are fussy people themselves, and they demand top value. The solution to the long list of issues above, surprisingly, is quite simple, and it’s based on technology and best practice manufacturing and production methods.

If you’ve seen the various types of commercial interiors around today, you’ll have noticed that there are basically two “species” of carpeting- The old broadloom industrial carpets and a new, thick, tough-looking sort of carpeting which is quite different, and often includes many different designs and colours.

The new carpets are the answers to the prayers of commercial interior designers:

  • They’re fully customizable, using new visualization software that allows designers to individually select multiple colour schemes, designs and patterns.
  • The visualization software “documents” design options for the interior designers. Designers can then present each of their various designs to their clients, step by step, design by design, for big projects.
  • They’re actually carpet tiles. Carpet tiles solve a lot of problems for interior designers, by being much easier to install than the old carpets.
  • The carpet tiles are therefore cheaper and quicker to maintain and replace, too. This means the designs have built-in cost benefits for clients.
  • The new carpets are very strong, and the tiles are glued, not woven, together, meaning they’re not subject to the sort of wear and tear of the old style carpet tiles.
There’s another benefit for clients of commercial interior designers that’s impossible to argue with- Making decisions about interior designs is a lot less costly and time consuming, too. That makes the new carpets valuable to clients before they’re even installed.

The future of the interior design profession is looking pretty good. So are the carpets. If you’re a designer, check out what you can do with the new ideas.

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