Monday, 9 January 2012

10 Tips to Create the Perfect Country Home

If you have just bought a new house in the country you might be looking at ways to turn your rural property into the perfect country retreat. After the removalists have gone you now have the pleasure of arranging your home to suit your needs, and more importantly, your taste. When moving home don't forget that you will need to update your home and contents insurance.

Perfect Country Home
Every country home needs a veranda. With a veranda you will be able to sit out and enjoy the view, while remaining protected from the weather. Having a veranda around your house is a good idea because not only does it help keep your home cooler, as it shades the outer walls from the sun, but it protects any paint work from the weather.

Rain water:
Make the most of all the catchment areas that you have, for example, have a water tank to catch the rain off the roof of your house, off any sheds and any other buildings around he property. You can have your tanks connected by underground pipes so you can pump water from one to the other, or where you happen to need water at any point of your property.

Solar power:
Harness some natural energy for your country home and install solar panels on the roof.You will cut down on your energy bills and help look after the environment.

One of the main benefits of having a country home is that you can have a large back garden. If you are on a decent size acerage you can extend your garden to as large as you want it. Remember that gardens require constant maintenance so make sure you have the time and enjoy gardening.

Create a grand entrance for your country home by having a set of attractive gates for the top of your driveway. It will help set your property apart.

One of the best country homes is one with good fencing. This includes the fencing around your house and garden, as well as around the property. Make sure you have secure fences around your garden otherwise you will end up with livestock in your flower beds.

The kitchen is so often the heart of the country home. It's where neighbours will sit to have a cup of tea when they visit and where the family will congregate at the end of the day. A big welcoming kitchen is fantastic. Avoid too much clutter and keep it light. Paint it in either an off-white or cream, and make sure there is enough natural light. You want to be able to enjoy the view of the country side while at work in the kitchen.

Open fire place:
There is nothing better on a cold winter's evening than snuggling up next to an open fire,or even a wood heater, in a country home. Most older homes will have an open fire,otherwise you can put in a wood heater.

Open plan:
If you are building a new home in the country look at having an open plan living area.Country homes are generally more informal and an open plan style home can be designed to make the most of the view of the surrounding country.

There are shops that specialize in country style decor, as well as magazines to give you plenty of inspiration. Rustic furniture goes well, as does the French Provincial style.


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  2. This is really helpful info, thanks! I'm moving to a new country home in the summer and am worrying I'm worrying about adjusting to it now it's getting closer. There's some really nice ideas here, so I'll try to incorporate some of them in.

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