Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Oriental rugs for a traditional look

A rug has the capacity to change the look and feel of a room. It adds inflections that can refurbish your space. As spring is forthcoming, you may want to try out some fresh home design for your space. There are a range of things you can choose for your rooms this year. Oriental rugs can exude a traditional as well as modern look to your space.   

Oriental rugs on your floor this season can alter your mood! Adding an exotic and sophisticated touch to your living space, oriental rugs are one of the best investments. Transforming the look and feel of your room they are meticulously crafted rugs from Iran, Turkey, India, and Southeast Asia. Oriental rugs designed by professionals can be easily identified with different knotting and weaving variations. They come from both the near and Far East and there are principally six poles apart types; Caucasian, Chinese, Indian, Persian, Turkish, and Turkoman. Each type having its own tradition they all come in a huge variety of sizes.
Since these rugs have some trademark of genuineness they are favored by many people as home decors. To be had in unique colors and styles they play a great role in decorating your home thus making them a collector’s favorite.

So what are you waiting for? Change the dull look of your home this season with the best Oriental rug!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Medallion Rug Gallery Helps Blogger With New Project

Medallion Green area rug Gallery has been around company for up to 27 years, and so they employ a verified history of obtaining a new assorted selection of new in addition to classic rugs. This particular loved ones owned or operated in addition to run business is predicated outside of Los angeles, nevertheless they come with an website that enables green area rug enthusiasts from around the globe in order to explore their particular most current alternatives. The particular green area rug in which Tamara obtained had been produced from wool, along with the business furthermore functions other homemade possibilities.

Following utilizing the same area rug regarding 13 years, Tamara wanted something different that will assist link your entire living room jointly. Medallion Rug Gallery ended up being very happy to assist the woman's together with the woman's search, in addition to Tamara decided on the homemade area rug that has an Antique Oushak rugs  appear as well as a coloring structure which harmonizes with other space. Tamara placed the woman's completely new made of woll brown area rug within the home, in addition to the woman's big number of normal viewers was presented with a review of a final ends in a recent blog accessibility.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Weaving Designs of Persian Rugs

Known for its artistic magnificence, Persian carpets are the most expensive and valuable pieces of hand woven rugs. Believed to be among the oldest and most beautiful of oriental carpets in history, its elaborate and intricate designs are the striking factors. Having that cultural evolution and enhancement, the precise weaving design is the standout nature of Persian rug.
Coming to the weaving designs of Persian rugs, they are so intricate and it can take anywhere from months to years to complete. Based on the difficulty of the pattern and size of rug, the time taken to complete it may differ.
Demanding more skills from the weaver, weaving of a pictorial rug requires careful calculation and experience to make the best crack at it. Despite the fact that, weaving of Persian rugs is principally preset now, the most popular and striking ones are still hand woven. It reflects the rich art and culture of ancient Persia. Some of the best works in the history of Persian rug weaving is the Carpet Museum of Iran in Tehran houses. Considering how weaving has at all times been a large part of the creative expression of Persian culture, the two were pooled to maintain a flash of their olden times in a beautiful rug.

The weaving design of it includes millions of knots and years of work. Considered as the most famous area of Iranian art, hand-made crafts done in a natural material like silk and wool speaks for itself; the woven rug conveys something about anecdotes, fairy tales, and stories about the Persian history or culture.
In general, it is said that the quality of rug is determined by its number of knots woven per squared dm, which is no surprise as right allocation and breadth of knots on a larger surface means superior quality. 

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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Realizing the Importance of Antique Oriental Rugs

Rugs, being one of the most expensive and prized possessions they add a great beauty to your living space. They glam up and transform your room in such a way that you will feel a difference. If you want to transform your room in no matter of time then this is the way to go.

There are several rug types that can transform your room in no time in turn adding a bit of culture and history. Its slight touch of rich history will bump up the level and ambiance of any room. With its rich and intricate craftsmanship you will get a revived feeling as you enter your room.

Antique Oriental Rug is one such rug type that portrays the rich culture and it is evident from their workmanship as well as craftsmanship. Dyed using natural dyes and being woven with natural fibers and materials these carpets can last through the decades and in many cases even through the centuries.  If you are seeking to add charm and warmth to your room without spending much then there are wide varieties of oriental rugs that can really bring out that style to your room. But you should know the importance of taking care of it as well because this will help the rug to remain new even after years of usage. Being one of the greatest decor items your room is said to give an exuding beauty with these rugs. Alter the feel and character of your living room with antique oriental rugs. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Antique oriental Rugs - a Style for Every Room

As far as rugs are concerned, there is something elegant about it and the role of it something enhancing because it adds a great beauty to any of your room. Many people think that there would have been no scope for home decors as such during the primitive times but, it is a total misconception. Rugs were one of the greatest décor items that were used during those days. Irrespective of the purpose and room type, rugs are said to enhance, glam up and even transform a room. The best part is that they make rooms look wonderful in no matter of time i.e. instantly, without any trouble at all. Another advantage is that its complex patterns can hide stains; more to the point, they are practical and easy to care for and last for decades.

Antique Oriental rugs being a better investment, they are one of the flexible and fashionable elements of interior decoration. In view of the fact that, they have some trademark of genuineness they are preferred by many people as home decors. Available in unique colors and styles they play a great role in decorating your home thereby making them a collector’s favorite.

If you really want to add color, pattern, and history to almost any room in your house then antique oriental rugs are the way to go. Adding interest to a hallway, it gives an unexpected luxurious look to the kitchen. To your dining room, it can give an effective alluring look and fee. It can blend in with surrounding décor or stand out with a bold design or color. Starting from the hallway to your music room, these rugs are said to give their best look.On the whole, overall effect of the antique oriental rugs will be aesthetically high-brow but still warm and inviting. RCC Associates specialized in Restaurant contractor & Hotel contractor in Florida.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Property Investments and Its Potential Gains

As the demand requirement for real estate is constantly on the rise it is a must to make wise and right choices on property investments. Involving a lot of potential and significant gains it is a must that the right prospects are followed in order to have great returns. A providential site with an inhabitable layout without any third-party interventions in the property will give an assured financial growth. This also takes into consideration apartment investing however there are loads of benefits in it like tax benefits, stable maintenance more to the point; through rents you will get increased equity. In addition, if you invest in a good apartment in a good area it will reap you a good amount which results in occupied places that will earn you rent every month thereby it is considered beneficial.

How to make the most? It is highly recommended that you pay out from the income not from the capital.  To make better financial growth simply set up your own financial time limit and make sure to save a certain amount by that date to save big. On the whole real estate investments can yield a greater return if the necessary strategies are followed before investing. 

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Friday, 5 April 2013

Make your fireplace look ravishing with stone craft

If you want to make your fireplace look ravishing, you are at the right place for finding the ultimate solution. We have in store for you the widest range of fireplace each one exquisitely designed with carved stone and finished in immaculately to provide it with an outstanding look which will definitely be the cause of your neighbor’s envy and your pride.

Included among our collection of some of the best fireplaces, you will find various designs of limestone fireplace along with fireplace mantels to suit the ambience of the décor of your interior. You will also find rare collection of stone fireplaces outdoor which are made of the highest quality stone and carved with deft hands of experienced and articulate craftsmen, having mastered the art of stone carving. 

There are exquisite looking fireplaces made of travertine, granite, marble and limestone designed and carved with ultra modern laser technology to make them totally perfect and earn the satisfaction of our customers. Limestones, being such a material which can be used to beautify any object, the range of limestone fireplace include those made by honed limestone, mellow and dark in color to add beauty to the fireplace, designed with floral patterns. With a solid and appealing stone appearance, each of these limestone fireplace transforms the feel of the room into one which exhibits subtle grandeur. 

You will find limestone fireplace made of Portuguese limestone with traditional design and the fireplace made of Oslo and the Portman limestone with contemporary design to enhance the beauty of the living room. There are fireplaces made of Katia limestone and those designed with small blocks of limestone with clear and crisp lines noticeable. You will find attractive looking artistic fireplace mantels available in various designs, whether they are for your indoor or for the garden. 

Among the wide range of collection of fireplace mantels, you will find different colors and textures to match the fireplace surrounding and available in various shapes and designs. You can also choose to customize the fireplace mantels according to your preferences. For stone fireplaces outdoor, you will find all your requirements here having the option to select from size, material, color and design. You will find various designs of stone fireplaces outdoor, made of granite, black stone or marble with each one artistically immaculate and with installation made perfectly according to your likings. 

By having a fireplace made of quality stone at your outdoor premises, you will feel the warmth of the place and enjoy the magical evenings as it gets longer and longer. We provide you with unique designs of stone fireplaces outdoor to create an enchanting atmosphere outdoors. You will find these fireplaces made of top quality stone directly procured from the quarries and processed with utmost care. Skillful artisans set their magical hands in crafting one of the most beautiful designs of the outdoor fireplace, transforming the entire place into an area of extra ordinary splendor. Your satisfaction is our inspiration as we always strive to improve upon the existing.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Make Beauty of your Home with Antique Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are carpets handmade, weaved without using heap or knotted with pile. Authentic oriental rugs come from a wide regional place comprising from Vietnam and China in the east to Iran, Cyprus, Maghreb countries and Turkey in the west. The Caucasus area and India also produce rugs with unique designs specific to the region. Oriental rugs can be classified based on their place of origin.

Antique Rugs

An antique rug is a carpet that has been weaved at least 100 years past. Unique oriental rugs always appreciate eventually. Even though along the color may have faded or repairs have been done, it only helps to prove the age and authenticity of the rug. Antique oriental rugs are worth a fortune and are reliable investment options. As opposed to trading in the stock market though, rugs need time to appreciate. Therefore a long term vision is of the essence when investing in them. Carefully chosen oriental rugs also enhance the beauty of your home. It adds that extra bit of color and old world charm to your living spaces.

Selecting Antique Rugs

Purchasing the right rug at the correct cost and time is essential if you are looking for a financial commitment. Always ensure to buy from reputed dealers who provide business in choices and help with reselling it if necessary. Buy the carpet depending on where you are going to use it and the amount of traffic it will have to endure. Look for the actual value of a carpet rather than the current trend as some of the undervalued ones might be the most precious in a couple of years. A well made carpet can last for generations but do care for antique oriental rugs in the manner prescribed by the maker.

Antique Reproduction Rugs

Duplication carpets are the response if you are looking for designs and patterns unique to antique rugs but at a much cheaper. You can take your pick from rugs that match every detail, from the pattern to finishing point except that it is a modern day craftsman doing it, or rugs that only have an antique design. They come in a variety of materials and the choice can be made depending on the usage.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How to revamp and clean oriental & Persian Rugs

As far as the home decoration is concerned there are several fashionable stuffs that come and go but, rugs are one of the earliest furnishings known to man. Having evolved hundreds of years ago, these rugs are used even these days for decorating homes. When it comes to home decoration, rugs are one of the traditional items that are there forever. Adding color and texture to a room, they protect floors from daily wear and tear thereby making the room warmer in the quickest ways. 

Jute rugs and wool rugs are the earliest and oldest types of rugs that were used for flooring. However, there are different types of rugs that are available in the market these days. Oriental and Persian rugs are the most preferred rug types these days. This piece of writing will let you know as of how to revamp and clean these two types of rugs. 

Persian rugs being one of the most significant manifestations of the Persian art, life and culture they add a beauty to your living space; on the other hand, oriental rugs add exotic and sophisticated touch to your space. It is significant to take great care of both the rugs to have it for a long period of time. Now let us take a look as of how to clean them. 

Rugs progressively wear as they are walked on. However it can't be avoided, but you can minimize the issues by turning or rotating your rug from time to time. With the right care you’re Oriental and Persian Rug will endure the test of time and will prolong to maintain its ancient excellence.

The process i.e. cleaning of the rugs can be best done in a utility room or garage if not outside on a dirt free driveway or paved walk on a sunny day:

First vacuum it nicely, if it’s reversible then vacuum it both sides. While doing it, make sure that you take care and do not vacuum the fringe of the rug. 
For perfect cleaning, once you are done with the vacuum process, make use of a stiff brush and brush it out nicely. This will help in removing any small hairs of yours or your pets. 
Take some mild liquid soap and shampoo the rug with cool water (make sure that you do not use any strong chemical liquid soap). Give a slight scrub in the direction of the nap.
Rinse thoroughly with running water
If required do it twice or thrice
Squeeze out the excess water by hanging it on a wall or Squeegee the pile over and over again in the direction of the nap until no more water is forced out. 
Lay flat to dry. 
After it gets dry brush gently or vacuum lightly.

Friday, 18 January 2013

ROI tips while buying oriental and Persian rugs

Rugs are one of the most attractive items that give a great look to any home at the same time depending on its make, cost differs. A space with style and personality will never fail to give that attractive look likewise an attractive rug can give a unique and lively look to your space. As aforementioned the cost of it differs on its make. People who are looking to make the best use of it can also get the most out of these rugs by reselling it.

Here are some tips for those who would want to buy for investment purposes…. Once you are done locating some pleasing rugs, initially it is advised to check the structure of the carpet. Many tend to check it but don’t know how to proceed with it, getting into details will help you uncover the best quality rug. Details like:

 • The knotted pile
 • Warp and weft threads
 • Fringe and selvedges

The above said things should be closely examined in order to get hold of the best quality rug. Another significant detail is that its knots should be spot out. Varying from 50 to 1000 knots per square inch, a high count usually indicates a more valuable rug, but not always. By looking at the back of the rug, its degree of fineness can be determined. The color, pile and lay of the rug are yet other things that have to be looked for perfections.

For a good return on investment of your rugs it is good to get it from someone who has a permanent store and who is willing to stand behind the rugs he sells and who has a good reputation. 

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