Tuesday, 19 February 2013

How to revamp and clean oriental & Persian Rugs

As far as the home decoration is concerned there are several fashionable stuffs that come and go but, rugs are one of the earliest furnishings known to man. Having evolved hundreds of years ago, these rugs are used even these days for decorating homes. When it comes to home decoration, rugs are one of the traditional items that are there forever. Adding color and texture to a room, they protect floors from daily wear and tear thereby making the room warmer in the quickest ways. 

Jute rugs and wool rugs are the earliest and oldest types of rugs that were used for flooring. However, there are different types of rugs that are available in the market these days. Oriental and Persian rugs are the most preferred rug types these days. This piece of writing will let you know as of how to revamp and clean these two types of rugs. 

Persian rugs being one of the most significant manifestations of the Persian art, life and culture they add a beauty to your living space; on the other hand, oriental rugs add exotic and sophisticated touch to your space. It is significant to take great care of both the rugs to have it for a long period of time. Now let us take a look as of how to clean them. 

Rugs progressively wear as they are walked on. However it can't be avoided, but you can minimize the issues by turning or rotating your rug from time to time. With the right care you’re Oriental and Persian Rug will endure the test of time and will prolong to maintain its ancient excellence.

The process i.e. cleaning of the rugs can be best done in a utility room or garage if not outside on a dirt free driveway or paved walk on a sunny day:

First vacuum it nicely, if it’s reversible then vacuum it both sides. While doing it, make sure that you take care and do not vacuum the fringe of the rug. 
For perfect cleaning, once you are done with the vacuum process, make use of a stiff brush and brush it out nicely. This will help in removing any small hairs of yours or your pets. 
Take some mild liquid soap and shampoo the rug with cool water (make sure that you do not use any strong chemical liquid soap). Give a slight scrub in the direction of the nap.
Rinse thoroughly with running water
If required do it twice or thrice
Squeeze out the excess water by hanging it on a wall or Squeegee the pile over and over again in the direction of the nap until no more water is forced out. 
Lay flat to dry. 
After it gets dry brush gently or vacuum lightly.