Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Make Beauty of your Home with Antique Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are carpets handmade, weaved without using heap or knotted with pile. Authentic oriental rugs come from a wide regional place comprising from Vietnam and China in the east to Iran, Cyprus, Maghreb countries and Turkey in the west. The Caucasus area and India also produce rugs with unique designs specific to the region. Oriental rugs can be classified based on their place of origin.

Antique Rugs

An antique rug is a carpet that has been weaved at least 100 years past. Unique oriental rugs always appreciate eventually. Even though along the color may have faded or repairs have been done, it only helps to prove the age and authenticity of the rug. Antique oriental rugs are worth a fortune and are reliable investment options. As opposed to trading in the stock market though, rugs need time to appreciate. Therefore a long term vision is of the essence when investing in them. Carefully chosen oriental rugs also enhance the beauty of your home. It adds that extra bit of color and old world charm to your living spaces.

Selecting Antique Rugs

Purchasing the right rug at the correct cost and time is essential if you are looking for a financial commitment. Always ensure to buy from reputed dealers who provide business in choices and help with reselling it if necessary. Buy the carpet depending on where you are going to use it and the amount of traffic it will have to endure. Look for the actual value of a carpet rather than the current trend as some of the undervalued ones might be the most precious in a couple of years. A well made carpet can last for generations but do care for antique oriental rugs in the manner prescribed by the maker.

Antique Reproduction Rugs

Duplication carpets are the response if you are looking for designs and patterns unique to antique rugs but at a much cheaper. You can take your pick from rugs that match every detail, from the pattern to finishing point except that it is a modern day craftsman doing it, or rugs that only have an antique design. They come in a variety of materials and the choice can be made depending on the usage.

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