Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Weaving Designs of Persian Rugs

Known for its artistic magnificence, Persian carpets are the most expensive and valuable pieces of hand woven rugs. Believed to be among the oldest and most beautiful of oriental carpets in history, its elaborate and intricate designs are the striking factors. Having that cultural evolution and enhancement, the precise weaving design is the standout nature of Persian rug.
Coming to the weaving designs of Persian rugs, they are so intricate and it can take anywhere from months to years to complete. Based on the difficulty of the pattern and size of rug, the time taken to complete it may differ.
Demanding more skills from the weaver, weaving of a pictorial rug requires careful calculation and experience to make the best crack at it. Despite the fact that, weaving of Persian rugs is principally preset now, the most popular and striking ones are still hand woven. It reflects the rich art and culture of ancient Persia. Some of the best works in the history of Persian rug weaving is the Carpet Museum of Iran in Tehran houses. Considering how weaving has at all times been a large part of the creative expression of Persian culture, the two were pooled to maintain a flash of their olden times in a beautiful rug.

The weaving design of it includes millions of knots and years of work. Considered as the most famous area of Iranian art, hand-made crafts done in a natural material like silk and wool speaks for itself; the woven rug conveys something about anecdotes, fairy tales, and stories about the Persian history or culture.
In general, it is said that the quality of rug is determined by its number of knots woven per squared dm, which is no surprise as right allocation and breadth of knots on a larger surface means superior quality. 

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