Thursday, 12 January 2012

How To Decorate Your Small Bathroom To Make It Appear Larger

If you have a smaller bathroom then you may find yourself struggling to decorate it so that it appears more spacious than it really is. There are a number of things you can do to make the room appear larger, but the key things to remember are to de-clutter and to add light.

De Clutter:
As much as is possible, stash away, move or hide things that add clutter to the room. If there is space available add in built storage to stash away towels and bottles. Adding vanity units under your basin will allow you to put in the bits and pieces you use while keeping them from being an eyesore. A medicine cabinet or cabinet with a basin is another way to add storage without encroaching too much on the room. A horizontally orientated heated towel rail will allow you to air and heat many towels without using too much of your precious space.Link

Consistent Furniture:
By using furniture that is all the same color and design and sits at the same level to create a line, you will find that your eye skates over these surfaces and doesn’t have a distraction which would break up the flow and make the room appear smaller. Fitted furniture is ideal for this, and if you choose the more minimalist pieces there aren’t the details that otherwise draw the eye and make the space appear more crowded. Light colored furniture, especially gloss white, will make the room appear brighter and more spacious.

Bathroom Suite:
Making sure that your bathroom suite is bright, minimally styled and complements the other pieces is another way to make sure that the eye is not drawn to any particular piece and also to create the illusion of light and space. Typically, people go for more modern pieces in a smaller space as they have the lines that help the room appear bigger.

Make sure that the floor is all the same and has a consistent look and pattern. Either large or small tiles are great for making a room appear bigger, but medium tiles tend to make it look more cramped. If you have different colors and styles it breaks up the geometry of the floor and makes the eye notice small shapes, which is something you are trying to avoid.

Painting your walls in bright colors can help make the space seem larger, as can narrow vertical elements (patterns or lines) or broad horizontal elements (lines or patterns). Again, the key is to make everything consistent so that the space appears to be larger than it is.

Natural and diffuse light is the key here, with as much soft light as possible. Harsh light tends to cause dark shadows, which can draw attention to edges and make rooms smaller. Reflecting as much natural light within the room as possible is ideal, but there needs to be enough additional light to ensure that the room does not appear gloomy. If necessary, look at adding extra light fittings to illuminate darker areas within the room.

Adding a mirror reflects the room back on itself, as well as all the light that is available. This makes the room appear larger and brighter. Try to ensure that the mirror is placed in a usable spot and doesn’t reflect any signs of clutter or divisions within the room, as these are things that you are trying to mask rather than draw attention to.

Following these guidelines, and incorporating the suggestions where possible, will make sure that your room appears larger and more inviting.

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