Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How to Update the Look of Your Outdoor Area

To update the look of your outdoor area you can install a veranda around your home, put in a vegetables garden or a pool and build the children a play area.

Patio Play Area
By improving the look of your outdoor area of your kit home it will not only increase the value of your property but it will give you a whole new space to enjoy with friends and family. You will have a fantastic space during the warmer months when it is good to be able to spend time outside. If you make your outdoor area somewhere that you want to spend time you will might find that you like gardening, enjoy relaxing in the shade or have friends over for a barbecue on the patio area.

Patio Swimming Pool


Putting a patio in your garden will not only improve the look of your house but can create a whole outdoor room. You can easily create an entertainment area by building a patio large enough to shelter your outdoor furniture and a barbecue area and you can even put in a whole outdoor kitchen. Having a patio will help keep your outdoor area cooler in summer and you will find that you will use your outdoor area much more.


Putting in a pool will make a big difference to your outdoor area, and if you have children they will get a lot of use out of it during summer. There are many styles of swimming pools available so choose a pool that suits your style of home and think about how you can make it look even more unique by adding features like rocks, a waterfall or a spa. Depending on the size of your garden and your budget you might want to build a pool house where you can have an extra bathroom and shower and even a kitchen. It is important to remember that you will need to build a safety fence as it is required by law and is especially important if you have small children.

Play Area

Your kids will be forever grateful if you put in a special play area just for them. Don't just buy a swing set for them but be a little more creative. Mark out an area for a sandpit and fill it with clean soft sand. You can help keep the sand tidy by using sleepers as a border. You can also help keep it clean by having a proper cover for it so that the sand stays covered up when its not in use. Build or buy a cubby house, or find a great tree in your garden and build them a tree house. Get your kids to help you, they will be sure to have plenty of ideas about what they would like and can even help with the initial design.

Vegetable Garden

If you have a vegetable garden of your own it will not only give you great enjoyment as you watch things grow but will help save money off your weekly food shop. Children love helping in with vegetable gardens, especially if you give then their own plot to care for. Growing their own vegetables will also teach them where food comes from, and if you struggle to get them to eat their vegetables you might find it a lot easier if they have grown them themselves in their own garden.

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