Monday, 19 December 2011

Interior Design and the Joy of Adding Color

White is a fine color that symbolizes purity and innocence. However too much white might not be a good option. Therefore, white alone is not a very wise choice for interior decorations, though plenty of interior decorations magazines and TV commercials show us spick and span white interiors. We need to take a second look to note what other colors are there to complete the picture.

Interior Design

White is classic but excess of white might cease to be neutral and become an element of stress. The plus point is that white goes well with any colors. A spot of red or orange to rouse your appetite in the dining room, some blue or green accents to soothe you down in the living room and bathroom, orange and yellow for your kitchen and pastel colors in your bedroom; these are the color arrangements usually recommended by interior designers.But since in your home, you are the interior designer, you can choose the colors based on your personality and your feelings.

It maybe time for a bolder color mishmash. Probably a combination of bright and wild colors like turquoise and orange or violet and lime, might be good. Have a glance at the color wheel and choose either colors that are opposite in it or that sit next to each other. Opposite colors are complementary colors and neighboring colors offer color harmony. You can find a color wheel effortlessly online, even virtual color pickers, but pay attention when you select your colors based upon such tools, as the monitors' resolution might show colors somewhat distorted than in reality.


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