Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Digital Carpet Design- A New Level of Quality

If you’re a professional interior designer, you’ll be all too well aware of the huge spectrum of demand for carpet design and quality. "The customer is always right" can be an irritating statement if the customer’s not too sure what they want or what you mean by your design options. Whether you’re doing an office carpet design, restaurant interior design, you need to be able to express your design ideas clearly.

Carpet Design
That's where digital carpet design comes in, and there’s already a lot of good things on the market to help you with your design needs. Top of the line industrial technology is changing the game, and this technology is coming onstream at the right time for the big new move to smart buildings and much better CAD design methods. This technology is a dream for designers who want to present their clients with top designs at a click on a screen.

The New Visualization Options:
Best practice in commercial carpets uses "visualization" technology. This software matches carpet designs to specific settings. It’s fast, efficient and can work with literally hundreds of different carpet designs. This is a vast improvement on the old “look at this carpet sample and take a wild guess what a whole office full of it would look like” approach.

This approach can also be extended to full decor designs. Good design software can easily match the best lifestyle magazine standards. Incorporating design elements into a structured breakdown of each element, combined with a capability to integrate the elements into full design specifications is the best practice approach.

The "Digital Carpets" Effect:
For carpeting, the digital approach is a game-changer. Customization to meet any kind of design requirements is quite possible, and the much more efficient manufacturing technology now in use makes production a lot easier. It’s also cheaper. Interestingly, the new carpet making technology is based on sustainable principles that have reduced real cost to manufacturers, meaning the cost of custom carpets has also been reduced. What used to be an extremely expensive process is now just a matter of creating digital designs.

The Design Options for Carpets:
Given that most digital designs can be easily translated into standard vector and grid formulas, the potential for top quality digital carpet designs is practically unlimited. In theory, you could do a carpet version of the Sistine Chapel artwork with no particularly difficult issues in terms of software. Carpets may not be everyone’s instant idea of a great creative medium, but they can be with the right technology creating them.

The other big issue confronting carpet design is quality. This major issue has been largely solved thanks to a new type of carpet tile which is both digitally customizable and a much better type of flooring, far superior to traditional carpets. The new tiles have their own backing, not underlay. They’re tough, extremely durable, and easy to replace or repair if required. They’re the new best practice approach to commercial flooring, and they’re rapidly taking over the market from the old style carpets.

If you’re looking for design options for carpets, check out the new generation of carpet technology. You’ll be very glad you did.


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