Monday, 30 January 2012

Hassle-Free Home Improvements

The economy may be in a gradual recovery, but that doesn't mean that consumer confidence (or the average income) is back to "boom" levels yet. This means that more and more people are turning to home improvements instead of climbing up the housing ladder.

If the thought of home improvements brings you out in a cold sweat, and brings up images of paperwork, planning permission, and bank loans, then take a deep breath, and have a look at this list of hassle free home improvements. The following are improvements that you can make without needing to sink too much time, money, or stress into the job.

Re-Paint The House:
If your home is starting to look a bit drab on the outside, then why not give it a fresh coat of paint? Pulling up to a neat, clean looking exterior is much nicer than arriving home to a cracked, peeling one. In the long term, if you come to sell your home, having a nice exterior could lead to a quicker sale too.

Replace Your Doors:
Once you've re-painted, why not get some external oak doors? A nice, heavy oak door will reduce noise pollution, and make your home look more inviting too. The beauty of an oak door is that if you decide you want to change the colour later, you can re-paint it, while with many synthetic doors you're stuck with the original colour.

Loft Insulation:
If you don't already have insulation, then make a point of getting some this summer. You'll save a fortune on your winter heating bills. Loft insulation is pretty easy to install, and doesn't cost a lot of money. It's one of the best home improvement investments you can make.

Build A Shed:
Most small, free-standing sheds don't need planning permission - although you may want to check if you're thinking of making a big one. If you don't clutter it up too much with garden tools then a well-made shed can act as a sitting out room or outdoor office in the summer.

Patio Doors:
External oak doors are great for the front of the house, but if you have a nice garden at the rear then why not get patio doors for that side of the house? You can get UPVC patio doors quite cheaply, and they do the job pretty well. Wooden ones look a little more stylish (and are also more environmentally friendly), but carry a bigger price tag.

The above are just a few home improvements that don't typically require planning permission. It's important to remember that the law differs from area to area, and if you live in a listed building, or in a conservation area, then you might have different restrictions on what you can do with your property. You may also want to avoid certain home improvements if you live in a period home, even if the home isn't protected by specific laws. It's always wise to double check local laws before you start any home improvement work.


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