Friday, 27 April 2012

Wall Elements That Suit Your Space

Wall elements say a lot about your chic space. Whether your space has many decor pieces or a few statement pieces, wall decor pieces need to blend in with the room in order to complement the interior. What kind of decor pieces do you like? Figure out what elements will suit your room and which ones to decide on for your lovely interior and you’ll have a great space that shines.

European Wall Decor:
If you’d like your space to remind you of your travels to Europe or future trips to come, invest in European decor pieces that will take you to Europe within your space. An Eiffel tower wall grille and a romantic painting with romantic characters in Venice will fit in perfectly with the theme. You also might want to consider ornate wall decorations and romantic fabrics that will bring you back to Europe every single time.

wall elements

Modern with Minimalism Style:
If having minimal decor pieces is your cup of tea, try finding a few decor pieces that will stand out in a room. Whether the statement piece is a giant clock or a geometric mirror, allow the decor piece to take over the wall. As opposed to having several decor elements you will have a few pieces that will work perfectly in the room. Remember to keep the furniture minimal and the rest of the room simple and clean too and you’ll attain minimalism at its finest.

Rustic Earthy Decor:
Let nature come to you in a room that’s soothing and relaxing. For an eco-chic room filled with earthy elements and simplistic decorations, find fibers and fabrics that will add serenity within your interior. Consider a wall fountain or Feng Shui decorating to really make the room look warm and earthy.

Glitz and Glamour:
A room that echoes the styles of Hollywood past will be a lot like Hollywood regency styling, if not exactly like it. From gorgeous chandeliers to glistening twinkle lights, make your room glam and dramatic – also incorporating deep colors will make the room look like none other.

Making a room exactly how you want it means deciding on a theme before picking out your decorating elements.Or, if you find a statement piece that really speaks to you, surround a theme around that. Whatever you decide on, develop a room that’s you and that will be a room of solace that you will enjoy coming home to.

Sierra is a freelance writer who adores fashion and interior design. She loves incorporating earthy decor and especially loves wall fountains to create a serene environment.

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