Thursday, 19 April 2012

Adding That Wow Factor To Your Outdoor Area

From tables and chairs to lounges and even fire pits, there are many ways to stamp your individuality on a patio area. The choice is virtually endless when it comes to making the most of the great outdoors and you are only limited by your imagination and the space available. Gone are the days of bland patios consisting of an old barbecue and decaying timber table and chairs. Here are some ideas to help make your outdoor entertaining area the envy of friends and neighbors.

Outdoor Blinds:
These practical and versatile additions can turn a patio that was once exposed to the elements into an outdoor room. Offering UV and wind protection, patio blinds give you the ability to entertain year-round. Not only do they look good and can be custom-made to fit your individual needs, they can even add value to your home.

Tables and Chairs:
There is no need for mediocrity any more when it comes to place to sit. Table settings come in all shapes, sizes and materials, meaning there is a setting to suit everyone’s situation. Settings made of aluminium and tempered glass are the most popular, as they handle exposure to the elements well. Just remember to get a suitably sized table for your area – you still want room to move.

Outdoor Furniture:
You don’t have to be stuck sitting at a table while outdoors. There is a huge range of lounges, sofas and more formal seating that could look great outdoors. Choose furniture that is comfortable but not overbearing and ensure it can weather the elements.

Gone are the days of the 44-gallon drum with a battered cooking plate and wood for fuel. Today’s barbecues can turn a cook into a chef thanks to the range of options and features available. Whether it is a simple flat-top plate for cooking sausages and steaks or an outdoor kitchen where you can roast, grill, fry and even wash up, your options are endless.

Bars and Stools:
You can create your own beer garden atmosphere by adding some great accessories to your outdoor area. High tables and stools are the perfect place to share a cool ale and converse with friends. Imagine sitting at one of these settings overlooking the features of your yard – or even the swimming pool.

Even on chilly nights and winter’s days, your outdoor entertaining area can be made comfortable with the use of specialized heating. Portable patio heaters that run on LPG – the same gas that fuels your barbecue – are very popular. For an extra style statement, fire pits and chimaneas are cosy to gather around when the weather is cool. If you have pool heating, too, you can go for a swim regardless of the temperature outside. Your winter party will be complete!

Pot plants are a great way to add appeal to your patio. Make sure you pick plants that enjoy sun and part shade and put them in areas where they won’t get in the way. Water them well and put them in bigger pots to encourage them to grow. Just don’t put the pots straight onto the paving bricks because they will stain – use something to catch the water that drains out, such as a pot plant stand.


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