Thursday, 22 March 2012

Creating a Colour Scheme for Your Home

Blinds do more than keep out the sun and give you more privacy. They add to the overall style of your home too. So when you are looking to update your home’s colour scheme, make sure you factor in your window coverings, whether they are roller blinds, roman blinds or even curtains. The blinds can either be used to blend in, compliment or even stand out in a room, just like anything else with colour. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right colour scheme for your home.

Colours Create Moods:
The dominant colour in your room is going to set a scene and create a mood. It’s known as the ‘psychology of colour’ and it affects our subconscious. So here is a list of the most common colours, the moods they create and in which room they are best suited:
•Red: This bold colour is known for “raising the blood pressure” as it invokes excitement and increases energy levels. It is best suited to lounges and dining rooms but not bedrooms.
•Yellow: It is generally not a good colour to paint an entire room as it can cause feelings of frustration and anger – it is even said that a yellow room makes a baby cry more! But used in the right way it is a cheery hue that is ideally suited to the kitchen, dining room or small spaces.
•Blue: This colour is considered to be calming and relaxing, making it best for bed-rooms and bathrooms. Different shades of blue can also have an effect on moods –it can evoke feelings of sadness, while light blue has a more calming effect.
•Green: It is regarded as the best colour for any room in the house as it is the most restful. It has a warm and relaxing feel to it, while cooling things down at the same time. Some say it can even help with fertility, making it ideal for the bedroom!
•Orange: This energetic colour invokes excitement and enthusiasm. It’s not a great choice for bedrooms or living rooms.
•Neutrals: Blacks, whites, browns and greys are the basic building blocks of most decor. When you want something functional without being bold, go for neutrals.

Using Different Shades of One Colour:
It’s important not to get stuck on your one favourite colour. Too much of it will be overbearing. Consider toning down the colour to add contrast in different parts of the room. You may have a bright blue wall but darker cushions will add depth. There may even fixtures in a room that can add that extra “oomph” you were looking for. For example, the room may have blue window frames and security doors in a shade that compliments your planned colour scheme.

Consider the whole house as a canvas:
It is important to think of the flow of your colour scheme throughout the entire home, rather than the colours that just works well in one room. This means using the walls, the carpets, blinds, fixtures, ceiling and furniture together. Get colour samples where possible and put them alongside each other to see what works best. If your home is open plan, stand in one room and look through to the others to see how the colours in different rooms will blend. In the end, paint is relatively inexpensive so if it doesn’t work or the colour goes out of fashion, you can easily replace it with the latest colour craze.

The colour of your decor really can have a big impact on the feeling each room in your home evokes. Take care to choose your colours wisely so that your home is a tranquil, relaxing place to be for you, your family and for your guests.


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