Friday, 10 February 2012

The New Generation of Commercial Flooring

If you’ve got good commercial cleaning services, they’ll be the first people to tell you when your flooring is having problems. The usual problem is the condition of the flooring surface. This can be a big issue, because the floor is after all the largest occupied space on the premises. New commercial flawing is everything its predecessors could rarely be-durable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective over its product life.

The trouble with the old flooring is that it simply wasn’t designed the way the new generation of flooring has been. Science has moved on, and better materials and manufacturing techniques are essentially driving a shift to new flooring types. Old flooring, even with the benefits of modern cleaning technology which can practically bring old carpets back from the dead, is well and truly on the way out.

The New Generation Of Flooring-Carpet Tiles :
The most dramatically different form of the new flooring is a new range of carpet tiles. These tiles don’t require underlay. They have their own built in backing, which makes them much easier and cheaper to install than traditional broad looms. This is actually a totally new form of carpet design, and the new manufacturing techniques allow these carpet tiles to be customized on digital software, allowing a huge range of decor and interior design possibilities.

The idea is simple enough:

  • Digital pattern design allows mix and match with decor.

  • Multiple designs can be used.

  • Digital patterns are easier to make than traditional stitch patterns for custom designs.

  • This is literally made to order carpeting, on any scale, which is extremely cost effective both for manufacturers and their clients. Being able to see a layout on a computer screen for a particular design is also a major plus for decision makers, making it easy to say yes or no to a design.

    Arguably more impressive is the level of cost-efficiency built in to the design of the carpet tiles. The tiles can be easily installed, repaired and replaced. Work doesn’t have to come to a standstill to allow carpets to be lifted. New tiles can be installed in minutes.

    The new carpet tiles are also tough. They’re now considered best practice at places like airports and other public space areas where massive amounts of foot traffic usually destroys old style carpets. They’re long life products and can take the strain off the budget simply because they don’t need to be replaced as often as traditional commercial carpets.

    Structurally, the carpet tiles are physically much better designs. Because they’re not stitched, but glued together, they’re basically seamless. This single design feature removes the problems created by stress on seams, which is one of the main causes of major deterioration of carpets.

    Checking Out The New Carpet Design Options:
    It’s easy to explore your options for new commercial flooring online. As you investigate the new carpet tiles, you’ll soon see how easy it is to create your own designs and to get specifications and costs. This is office decor, the cost-efficient way.


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