Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Should You Get a Conservatory or a Garden Room?

The easy answer to the question “Should you get a conservatory or a garden room?” is: Yes! Either home addition will allow the household to enjoy the beauty of nature from the comfort of indoors. The added living space can raise the quality of life at home. If the new addition is constructed properly, functionally and attractively, the market value of the home will rise as well.

Conservatories and garden rooms owe their origin to 16th aristocrats who developed a penchant for citrus. The first orangeries were simple rooms with south-facing windows, designed to make the most of available sunlight (a scarce resource in their place of invention – Britain) while protecting plants from inclement weather. The invention of sloping glass in the 18th century heralded the advent of the golden age of conservatories that reached its zenith in Victorian Era.

It wasn’t until the introduction of insulated glass in the 1950s that sun rooms and garden rooms began to come into vogue. With insulation, it becomes possible to build a room that created a comfortable environment for people whilst still allowing plants to thrive. Today’s garden rooms are much like conservatories, except that they typically have a solid roof.

Although people often use conservatories as extra living space, from an estate agent or prospective home-buyer's perspective, garden rooms add the most value. Solid walls, a tiled or slate roof and amenities like central heating are more likely to increase the value of a home than a room encased in glass and PVC, wood or metal.

Conversely, if the home-owner wants a room that offers full views of the garden, that allows night-time star gazing and that bathes the home’s interior with sunlight, conservatories may be the optimum choice. Conservatories are also slightly less expensive to install and require less time to build.

In the end, it comes down to defining what the home-owner wants most from the new addition. For a room that will be used the year-round as additional living space for the family, a garden room may be the better option. Whatever the decision, by providing extra living space, the new addition is sure to improve life at home. Consider carefully exactly how you'll use the room before you go ahead and buy one though – a few moments before taking the leap could bring you years of enjoyment!

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